dividing or minimizing hydrangeas

seydouxJanuary 17, 2014

I am not sure if this photo gives the scale of these hydrangeas. By the end of the summer they are 6 ft tall and 10 ft deep. Can I transplant every other one or divide their roots to minimize their size. Even with hard pruning they are eating all most all of the front steps. I don't want to destroy them as they bloom all summer, but I need some way to control them

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Mike Larkin

You dont mention what type of hydrangea.
If you have hydrangea paniculata ( big white to sometimes light pink flowers) you will always have a problem with size. And the best choice is to remove.
Hydrangea macrophylia ( big blue or pink to red flowers) most dont get that large, unless maybe you are fertilizing too much.

However whatever you have ---- it is too big! And needs to be constantly pruned to keep to the proper size.
I would select a plant that has a different color or texture. All the plants across the front look the same and the front foundation planting could use a little variety.

Either way, I would remove two plants on either side of front door, and plant a smaller shrub/conifers that does not over grow and crowd the front door.


Here is a link that might be useful: garden design ideas

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