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helenh(z6 SW MO)April 21, 2012

I stopped there today Sunny and was tempted by their beautiful Rex begonias for $3.98. I got two begonias and a Vista Fuchia Supertunia. I didn't get the Mexican petunia this trip. The young man working there said he planted Mexican petunias out front in the ground and they came up for two years. The most beautiful one I ever saw was the big potted one they used to have as a display. They overwintered that in their greenhouse.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I was bad this weekend. I also stopped at Wickman's in Monett and Monett Greenhouse on H highway 2 miles north of Monett. The Monett Greenhouse is larger than its branch in Joplin that is located on 32nd street. I saw lots of things I liked there.

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What did you get in Monett Helen? Confess : )
Are the Rex Begonias and Supertunia for containers?

I need to do some shopping and look for a good deal on some nice containers. Some are pretty expensive. I like the ones that are made out of that light-weight fake foam stuff.

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I had to have one of those rex begonias too, Shadow King Strawberry Lime. I have it in a pot. Arrgh, one more plant to stuff in the greenhouse this fall, lol!


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helenh(z6 SW MO)

The Monett Greenhouse also had the Rex Begonias in 4.5 inch containers for the same price. I have two kinds of begonias that live on my windowsill all winter and go in pots for summer. Other things look terrible by the end of winter but they do fine. I have also had one in my hall all winter which I forget to water. I don't know if the Rex begonias are as tough. My sister is into flowering tuberous begonias big time and I killed the one she sent me last year. They would go in big pots. Half whiskey barrels and big pots don't need much more water than plants in the ground. I bought a Black Lace elderberry, some ordinary petunias, two small heucheras Black Current and Key Lime pie and spirea Double Take Big Bang at the Monett Greenhouse. I was just going around in circles there overwhelmed. At Whickman's I bought a small Bloodgood J. Maple. I could have bought lots of dried chicken treats for my children for the price of these plants.

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Sounds like you got some good stuff Helen. I knew you couldn't go out of town and come home without something new. : )
My only attempt at growing Rex Begonia was a failure. The leaves are so pretty. I need to give them another try someday. I envy your greenhouse Sandy. If I had one, it would be stuffed too. I hate letting plants die in the fall that I know could be over-wintered if I did it right.

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