organic crab grass control

smitjosSeptember 26, 2007

I am trying to grow organically and control crab grass simultaneously.

I put down the corn gluten in the spring and fall and it works reasonably well.

The problem is the 60 day window around which you can't seed.

When can I overseed bare areas?

Should I seed in March and the put down the gluten in May?

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)


Yes, I was yelling.

NOW IS THE TIME TO SEED. Yelling again.

Now here is the way to keep crabgrass out of your turf.

1. Seed heavily in the fall so that you have a dense turf by spring.
2. Set your mower to the hightest setting possible.
3. Water only when the grass is dry. A good goal is to water once a week. If your grass cannot make it a full week without water, then water longer next time. Normally I water from 1-3 hours per week per zone.

Why does this work and, at the same time, does spring seeding NOT work? Crabgrass seed sprouts in the spring and summer when it gets continual water and plenty of sunlight. Grass seed sprouts when it gets continual water and plenty of sunlight. Note that when you seed in the spring you have to provide ideal conditions for both the grass and the crabgrass seed to sprout and grow. If you seed in the fall the crabgrass seed will not sprout. By spring time you will not need to seed so you do not have to provide the ideal seeding conditions.

If you follow the watering and mowing suggestions, you will not have to worry about crabgrass again.

Notice this advice is independent of which fertilizer you use. This works for organic or synthetic programs.

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Living in CT, the window may have passed. I'm in Grafton,MA and the weather has been hot and dry. Rains tonight and then 70's for highs in the 10 day forcast. We already had one minor frost. I suspect a hard frost is less than 21 days away. I always agree with dschall that you need to seed in the fall. In New England that is usually late august (mid with irrigation).

Red fescue and rye could be seeded this weekend at the latest with irrigation.

Any KBG should be winterseeded.

Good luck

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