Sun., 5-22, Today's Severe Weather Risk

Okiedawn OK Zone 7May 22, 2011

There is a slight to moderate risk of severe weather in Oklahoma today.

The area most at risk is NE OK. The Weather Channel's Dr. Greg Forbes gave NE OK (and portions of the 3 other states adjoining NE OK) a "5" on his TorCon Index for today.

I've linked the SPC's Convective Outlook map below so you can look at it and see if your county is in the Moderate Risk area or the Slight Risk area.

The NWS says possible storm risks today will include wind gusts greater than 70 mph and hail greater than the size of baseballs, as well as isolated tornadoes.

Just because you are not in the moderate risk area does not mean your area will not have storms too---just that the chance is lower.

Keep an eye on the weather near you today, especially if you're working outside. As yesterday's SE OK storms proved yesterday, under the right conditions, severe T-storms can pop up out of nowhere in a very short time period.


Here is a link that might be useful: Storm Prediction Center's Convective Outlook

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Dr. Forbes released updated TorCon Index numbers a few minutes ago.

Today's updated TorCon Index numbers for Oklahoma:

Northeast 6
South-central 6
North-central 4

For Kansas

Southeast 4

For Missouri:

South 5
Northeast 4
Northwest 3

For Arkansas

North 6
Southwest 5
Southeast 4

For Texas:

North-central 5
Northeast 4

Watch the weather if you're outside in the garden or yard today!


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