Robins this winter?

pinwheel(SE PA)February 27, 2010

I was out for a lengthy walk last weekend and saw several robins, to say the least. At one point I walked by a tree, and sitting on the bare branches were about twenty robins.

During the week I commented to someone that the robins came back unusually early this year. He said that the robins never left. He said that in his yard, he's had several robins all winter.

Has anyone else noticed this? I've never seen a winter with robins.

I might buy bird seed "for distressed birds" today, because it supposedly contains dehydrated insects, and that might be something for the robins.

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That is true. They migrate to a local woods for the winter and come back to yards and such as weather or foods needs arise.

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We have robins pop up here throughout the winter as well. Just the other day there must have been 100 robins in my small yard pecking around my composters and on a clear (not snow-covered) stretch of soil under my holly. I posted a picture on my blog, but it was tough to get a good picture from inside. It was an amazing site seeing them all in one place. The same thing happened last year as well. I placed out extra plastic plant saucers for them to use as birdbaths. I had to keep changing the water to keep it clean. It seemed as though they really needed a good clean drink of water and a bath. Even though I have feeders out, they seem to like looking for worms in the bare gardens and around the composter the most.

Here is a link that might be useful: Robins in Kim's Garden

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pinwheel(SE PA)

I always thought robins migrated south for the winter. In fact, a lot of people believe that! Based on your responses, I looked it up in a bird book. Robins will migrate south from Canada, but not from Pennsylvania.


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It is myth that they 'fly south for the winter'. They hunker down in the woods, as zgardennut says. They come out and eat my Ilex verticillata berries and bath in my de-iced birdbath.

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Had a few flocks of them in the first Feb blizzard. I enjoy looking at the pictures I took of them in the trees with the snow blowing sideways. Quite a sight!

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

My brother gets crowds of them in his holly trees and in the ivy infested trees that surround his house. The robins spend the winter feeding on the holly and ivy berries.... they only go back to the lawns when the soil thaws and the earthworms come back close to the surface.

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