Pennsylvania Gardeners...which of these do you prefer ????

japusFebruary 4, 2013

Just wondering how many here prefer 1 season over the other.
I much rather have spring than any other season
I always have and always will

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ahhhh I'm with you pretty.gurl

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I have activities for all seasons. There is so much more to do in the spring and summer. However, fall and winter are resting times for the our envrionment.
The winter is all about planning for the next season.
I ice skate and ice fish when the ice is thick enough. Four inches. Cross country skiing when my body allows. I have two friends by the name of Arthur and Rightous. Not fun when acting up. Doctors tell me do not stop moving.
I harvest wood from fallen trees in the state park for my wood stove. Nice and cozy.
I still have that childish feeling when it snows and a lot. This is the only time I get to really see my neighbors. Everybody is out with snow plows and shovels.
To conclude I like all seasons.

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Spring-love love everythingcomes alive..
.summer like not hot ,hot
fall I like to see but dont like cool
Winter I totally hate..cold,ice,snow
But do like the change,could go for 2 seasons a year

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Like them all...
Unless below freezing or rain and snow, pruning and spring cleanup is spread out over weeks thru winter, so I can enjoy spring rather than having too much cleanup to do. I have plenty of winter color with berries of Ilex verticillata, hellebores, snowdrops, early crocus, colorful stems of cornus varieties.
Spring for watching the changes, day by day. If you go away for a few days you miss a lot. Everything blooming one after the other. Seeing if the edits and transplants you did last fall are going to work out like you thought.
Summer I poop out as soon as it hits 80 degrees, as far as working outside. Relaxing instead, watching birds, butterflies, hummers, while reading a book on the patio.
Fall is like another spring to me, for amazing color - even more in my yard, than spring. Yellow,orange,red foliage under planted with wonderful blue crocus 'Conquerer'. Asters and colchicum blooming near Callicarpa.
I would not do without any of the seasons. They are all looked forward to and enjoyed, a continuing heritage.

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I greatly appreciate the snow pic. It signifies rest, hibernation, relaxation (heh, for me and the garden). Spring, summer and fall are such hard, back-breaking work seasons. I remember when I mowed the lawn for the last time for the season. I was sooo happy to wash that sucker and store it away. I pushed it in the garage and pulled out the snow shovel. Luckily, I used that once! *knock on wood*.

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