need a great day trip ?

robbins(z5/6 MO)April 2, 2008

Just went to the new greenhouse in Osceola today - right on Highway 13. And OH WOW - they had the absolute best selection of plants I've seen anywhere for a long time. There weren't a ton of vegetable starts yet, but everything else you might want was there.(Guess I have a good excuse to go back!)

Sure suprised me - but what a great suprise it was!

Anyone headed through the area - make sure to stop! (The sign said they were closed on Tuesday and Sunday morning until noon.)

And yes, I bought far too many plants!

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I love greenhouses......but keep telling myself I don't need more plants!

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Gld - you know that excuse isn't good enough. lol

The kids my hubby love to stop at Osceola Cheese when we're headed up that way. Glad you mentioned the new nursery there. I'll just have them drop me off next time while they go sample the cheeses.
What did you get?

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robbins(z5/6 MO)

Gld - poor excuse!

Christie - perfect go together - the greenhouse is about 1/2 mile south of Osceola Cheese on the same side of the road. The family can eat while you shop.

I got 2 cherry trees - golden and black, some of the new echinaceas, the new black elderberries, and too many herbs. They have so many flowering perennials - I can't wait to really brouse them.

Ah, the treats that await!

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Maybe I need to start checking the nurseries here for perennials. I thought it was too early for them to be available.
Which elderberry did you get? I had a sambucus Black Beauty that I managed to keep alive for two or three years before it finally died. It didn't like our hot summers. I had it in full sun though. Maybe if I had planted it where it would get some afternoon shade, it would've done better. They're just beautiful in the photos I've seen and it's one I'd like to try again if someone told me it would survive in a different spot.

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robbins(z5/6 MO)

It is a Black Lace Elderberry. The leaves look like a black Japanese Maple. Very cool! Elderberries always do best for me in dappled shade or at least away from full afternoon sun.

The greenhouse is called Wild Goose Garden - phone number is 417-646-1299.

I talked to the owner - he and his family have recently moved back to this area. Really nice young people starting a wonderful business. Guess I'll have to help support their efforts!

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Hey Robbins - thanks for the tip about Wild Goose Garden. What a fun place! They even have daphnes! I've never been able to find one anywhere. What a fun place and you are right, really nice folks. They have a great selection of plants - and the owner is really into native plants he said. I've been wanting to do more native, now I have a source.

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robbins(z5/6 MO)

My neighbor just came by with a beautiful Carol Mackie daphne from there - she said she'd paid less than $20 for it. Guess it's time for another visit!

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