Max. lehmanii & Coel. massangiana

chryssOctober 15, 2008

Two newbies from NCOS show.

Maxillaria lehmanii

Max. close-up

Coelogyne massangiana


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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

Love the Maxie. On the coelogyne, is that a bud to the right, just under your hand? I'm not very familiar with this genus of plants. Cute blooms, are they fragrant?

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xmpraedicta(3b Saskatoon)

Really nice - how's the scent on this coelogyne? Pleasant? Love the maxillaria...pity these are so large

Granniek - I think that's one of the sheaths/bracts that the blossom forms underneath, but Chryss will confirm :)

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Granniek, Calvin got it right away ! Personally, I would have said it's the thingy the bud comes out of !!! It did have a mild fragrance but I got it when the blooms were on the way out, if you'll look closely. I ALWAYS loved the shape of this genus ! I've got 5 now, one I haven't seen in bloom yet.

The size of the Max is actually at my limit !! Will most likely divide it when I next see new growths just to keep it relatively small. Like HALF that size !


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