50% Honey Bee Die off in USA - Largest ever

joeinmo 6b-7aApril 9, 2013

Between Pesticides and GMO Roundup Ready crops are bees are dying rapidly.

Today's sad news that a record 50% of the honey bee population in the United States have been killed.

Here is a link that might be useful: News Story on the massive Honey Bee kill

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Thanks for posting this link. I just watched the video and am reminded once again how big money agri-business influences Washington! I just watched the bees here for the first time this year and saw many swarming my plum tree and saw just a few on the peach a few days later. I leave a ground cover type weed in the early spring because I see the bees on it too and it blooms before anything here on the farm.

We are need to be very concerned about these herbicides and GMO crops.

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Interesting story. Sometimes media attention will put pressure on someone to take action so I hope that's the case and they get it stopped before it's too late.

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joeinmo 6b-7a

Agree Gld, it's probably also contributed by the GMO roundup ready stuff, btw there may be a bill that changes the Missouri Constitution that basically says that "modern" farming techniques cannot be outlawed here, and that basically if you are NOT using "modern" seeds or non-heirloom you could be breaking the law. It's called the Monsanto Protection Law of Missouri and if it goes to a vote of the people we will have to spread the word about it.

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