My Most Stupid Gardening Mistake

oakleif(z6 AR)April 21, 2007

I was doing a search abt dogs in gardens and came across a thread with the above title. It was so funny. I stole it from mid atlantic region the date was Feb.02

Remember we were all newbes once. At my age i've many many stories to tell. My latest one is on going. I bought a rosemary in a plantable pot at Walmart. I thought, oh neat just plant the whole pot. I'm a very experienced gardener, i don't need to read the directions. WRONG!! Last night i saw a commercial about those very pots a-n-d you are supposed to clip the bottom of the pot off before you plant it. Now i've got to dig it up and replant it----- after i clip the bottom off.


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vickie, my thought is we are never to old or experienced to make mistakes! I am sure I am older than you and still make them. Last one was building wood frame garden gates out of cedar (which warps like crazy) and then not joining them with nuts, washers and bolts. The nails are slowly working out of them so I spent a good hour on one repairing with bolts like I should have done in the beginning. I still have one more to go.

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The purpose of life is to learn and teach.

Mistakes are just part of learning...


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