Organic lawn care

Kimmsr(4a/5b-MI)October 21, 2012

Episode 305 of Growing A Greener World is all about organic lawn care, the proper way to grow a lawn. Joe Lampl interviews Paul Stukey, who mostly says farget "fertilizering" which is meant to feed the plant and feed the soil instead which will then feed the plants.

Here is a link that might be useful: Growing a Greener World 305

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Blanket(7b, 9b)

Good video. Could've done without all the self-promoting BS, but for the few minutes of instruction, it was good to see. Beautiful fescue lawn there. The new turf-type tall fescues like that just love wide-open sunshine and good dirt. The irrigation (looked like commercial Hunter rotor action) was over the top. Most homeowners won't have wide open spaces or irrigation like that. But if you do, you have the perfect spot for a fescue or bluegrass pasture.

The well made points are that weeds are naturally eliminated by a healthy lawn, diseases by healthy organisms near the soil surface and that deep watering is critical. What it doesn't address is soil compaction that is common around homes, shade and root proximity or how to mix the compost tea (which is the best thing in the world for any plant).

Those paperbarks at the end were the best part of the entire video. Thanks for posting it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Turf under the shade

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