Red Iris

gldno1May 12, 2011

Helen, when I said red, I didn't mean lipstick or tomato red, but a red with no purple tones.

Here is the Grace smoke tree with the Swingtown purple iris.

and this is the red I wanted.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

That is a nice one. What is its name? I am getting interested in iris. I planted some by my pond a year of so ago and they grew and bloomed. I posted a picture. Those iris were free at the Web City Farmers' Market. Now I wish I had purchased fancy ones. I didn't think I liked iris because the bloom is brief, but the foliage is interesting in spring before they bloom. I noticed that because mine are on a bank and the structure showed up more than usual.

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Helen, I don't know the name. I know lots of mine but some were passalongs and I don't have a name.

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teeandcee(Florida 9b)

Ooo, that's a gorgeous red. I have a few on order set to be delivered in July and one is that type of red (I hope). I too am developing an interest in iris after seeing them all over the place every spring. They're so easy too. I ordered fragrant varieties. I've never smelled an iris before.

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The most fragrant one I have is called Fragrant Lilac and it is! I can smell it as I walk by. It reminds me of grapette soda. I have others but you have to bend close to smell.

They are not completely carefree..Be sure to pull all leaves and dead things off them before growth begins or shortly after so the sun can hit the tubers which should be partially exposed.

Also some grow so rapidly that you have to thin every 3 years or so......some don't.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Christie is that the one you have? Or is the grape soda fragrance typical of iris?

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teeandcee(Florida 9b)

Admittedly I haven't been growing them long enough to have to thin (don't mind the other maintenance), although I was looking at my current ones (left here by the previous owner) and thinking they're going to need to be thinned next year. :X I just thinned them and spread them around the yard two years ago.

Which is once reason I haven't filled my yard with iris.

I love the fact that Fragrant Lilac wafts. With back problems bending down just isn't much of an option very often.

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My grape scented iris doesn't have a name, just an old fashioned one I think. They're smaller. I used to have another one that was larger and grape scented. It was from my grandmothers garden. Is Fragrant Lilac big or small?

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