Buff Beauty Rose

gldno1May 29, 2013

I thought I would share this with you before I loose it to RRD. It has two affected branches that I keep cutting back trying to save it. It is my all-time favorite rose. It smells heavenly. I have the best luck with hybrid musk class of roses....Albas too but they bloom for a shorter period of time.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

The close up shows the beautiful color. I like the old fashioned full flower. My mother always spoke of cabbage roses that her grandmother had. What is RRD I think you mentioned it before. Years ago the dairy next place to mine had a rosa multiflora hedge and the birds spread it. They bull dozed the hedge a long time ago. Roses don't last long here because of the disease from the multiflora rose.

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Helen, it is rose rosette disease. Multiflora rose does cause it since it is the host for the microscopic mite that transmits the disease. Once infected the shoots will be reddish purple and twisty and the flowers are complete malformed. I have to keep the pruners in a bucket of bleach water when pruning between bushes. I forgot last year and spread the disease to almost all of my roses! I hesitate to replace them.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I had an orange/buff rose once called Westerland. I liked it very much and wouldn't mind having it again. I also like Dortmond and Eutin. I may be misspelling those. They are roses I've had and lost but liked.

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I had Westerland too but it didn't survive over the winter and drought. I might replace it and put it in a better place next time.
It is very fragrant too. Chamblee Roses in Texas has great prices and that is where these roses came from.

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I'll have to be on the lookout for RRD. I haven't had trouble with it yet.
Hope you don't loose your Buff Beauty. Is it possible for it to survive? It's loaded with flowers and very pretty.

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