What did best for you in 06

Mike LarkinFebruary 12, 2007

Lets Talk Plants -

Looking back at 06, some of the best perenials that grew in my garden were Geranium Rozanne, Rudibeckia Goldstrum (although I saw lots of burnt out plants) And my favorite ornamental grass Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Little Bunny'. It is easy to divide and comes back great every year.

Please tell me what worked in your garden

Also anyone going to the PA Garden Expo?


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naturenut_pa(z6 PA)

Dianthus did great, spread all over the place.

I've got some kind of ornamental grass in the rock garden, not sure what it is. It's a creamy blue-green color (in this pic, it's in the back). Rhizomes spread over 2 feet from main plants, I had to dig and cut over a dozen new plants which I gave away or planted elsewhere.
This year I'm gonna let it go. Maybe I'll replace the mulch with sand and it'll feel like I'm at the beach, hehe.

Of all the trees we planted, only one is worth mentioning. Can't remember the common name...but Metasequoia is growing tremendously.

Bamboo is still a tremendous disappointment.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

I think my best plant was Karl Foerster feather reed grass. Every year I love it more... from June to March, even in the snow.
Another good plant was hypericum "Brigadoon". I haven't seen it bloom yet but it's growing well with healthy chartreuse foliage with yellow and red highlights. Of course next year I might hate it.....
Verbena Bonariensis always does well for me. The butterflies love it.
I'll stop now. It's snowy and cold out and I don't want to get too excited about plants I won't be seeing anytime soon.
Naturenut I like your garden. It reminds me of a medicine wheel.

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Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)

My favorite plant last year was Rosa Rugosa Alba. It's an inexpensive white-flowering variety, purchased from a catalog with lots of exclamation points ("CarefreeTM white roses in the poorest of soils!!"). I planted it in a 16 foot long raised bed a few years ago, and it has grown in a lusty beautiful hedge that hides a little patio at the front of the house. The rosehips were huge, and full of seeds that the chickens enjoyed gobbling up. Lots of flowers, interesting bristled stems.

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Hi, new to this forum. There's alot to learn here!

My stars last year were my perovskia filigrans, which grew so vigorously, I was able to divide them to add to a "privacy border" I use to block view of my neighbor's collection of decrepit construction equipment (sigh). It's filling in, but I'd love suggestions of airy, deer-proof perennials that'll grow to about 4-5 feet. Thanks!

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

armaranthus intense purple which i have spent numerous hours ripping out and hope to never grow again. for me, it turned out to be a weed. it's in places i didn't even plant it. #$@^ birds!

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hardrockkid(z6 (PA))

2006 Best New Plant - Almost went with Black and Blue sage (which I am hoping have overwintered)... but I think the award has to go to Sambucus "Black Lace".

2006 Favorite Plant - Same as its been for a few years now: Brunerra macrophilia "Jack Frost". Star of the west-side (very shady) garden.

2006 Plant most looking forward to for 2007 - Hmmm. After I thought of this as a category, now making a choice isn't so easy! Might be seeing the sambucus in flower & berry, which it did not last year (planted fall '05). Or it could be all penstemon I planted last year. Or maybe what I hope will be a beautiful effect with viola "Etain" paired with campanula "Sarasota". Oh oh, I know... that BIG mass of forget-me-nots at the border of the woods. Or --- ahhhh, I want it all! JUST BRING ON SPRING!!!

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