is this alfalfa correct?

v1rtOctober 7, 2007

Hi folks,

Finally, my alfalfa meal arrived last night. It was brought to me by a friend who lives near Ludwig at Lemont. Anyways, when I opened it, I was a bit shocked because it was mostly powder. Is this the correct product? On the sack it says dehydrated alfalfa meal. Please see pic of the alfalfa meal below.



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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

Yep. Have fun fertlizing half of your neighborhood lawns....

I buy only pellets after trying the meal. Just too powdery for my taste.

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I have applied it to 4500 sqft now. 5000 sqft left. It was hard to apply because it gets clogged in the opening. I always have to dig the bottom part to loosen. And yes, the powder was flying everywhere. It was worst than CGM.

Also, before I applied it this morning, I searched our archives. Someone posted it 10 lbs/1000 sqft. Should I increase it?

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I also use Alfalfa Pellets, they are much easier to spread.

I always apply Alfalfa @ 20-25lbs/1000.

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I actually feel sick today. I don't know if it was caused by the powder that I might have inhaled during the application. :( My throat is painful right now.

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You'll probably weather the storm - blow your nose - frequently; the microfine dust really gets trapped in your nose and nasal passages. Found that out when I pushbroomed all the dust, sand, and street dirt out the garage despite opening all doors for cross ventilation. Realized I should probably have been wearing a mask.

Northern IL should have its share of feed & grain stores that would carry the alfalfa pellets in 50# bags - infinitely easier to work with and broadcast by hand in the event they don't go through a spreader.

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I used the alfalfa meal too for the first time and I have to agree. I looked like the Jolly Green Giant when I was done. If I would use AM againg I would use a drop spreader which would take quite a while on my lawn. As far a pellets is that the same consistency as rabbit feed?

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Yes, it looks just like rabbit food. It goes through a rotary spreader very easily.

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rcnaylor(z7 Tex)

"Looks like rabbit food." In fact just what I used for my last app. Would rather have had straight alfalfa meal, but, it was all I could find.

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