Two Questions

mr_bill_eOctober 24, 2007

I have two questions. My location is NW side Chicago.

1) Anyone know where CGM is cheap? I paid $40 for a 50LB bag - I'm pretty sure I paid waaay to much. Also, not just CGM, but CM too. I don't mind driving a little out of the way, so long as I'm getting somewhat of a deal (certainly not $40/50lbs!!).

2) This questions relates to the health of my lawn. Perhaps I have neglected it - Here is the deal. The lawn was sodded in June. It look great through July until roughly the first half of August. During that period, I fertilized with Milorganite - looked good. However, I have since fertilized again (early September), and the appearance of the lawn has not changed from it's condition from about mid-august to present; it went from lush green to light green, with a substantial portion of the blades going yellow. I'm pretty certain i'm watering enough. 1-inch per watering, once a week, or as it has gotten cooler once every two weeks. Even with the fertilizing and watering though, it doesn't seem to be doing any better. Any ideas?

Part of my problem is that the back lawn is 1800 Sq Ft., so doing anything other than Milorganite has been expensive (see question 1).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for you time!

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

See if this link helps find a store for you. Any ground grain at 10-20 pounds per 1,000 square feet should work.

People from Ohio used to report here that they were finding 100 pounds of CGM for under $10.00. Pretty crazy price. I have not heard that for a couple years, though.

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You're not going to find CGM for cheap anywhere in
the city or the closer burbs.

Was the sod put down in an area with lots
of shade?

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deerslayer(Z5 NE IL KBG)

The Elburn Co-op sells CGM. Last year it was going for $12.95 for 50lbs.

Elburn is West of Chicago. The West line of the Chicago & North Western ends there.

Here's a link:

Elburn Co-op

You can call for the current price. BTW, they also sell SBM.


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