organic chinch bug and weed control?

floridabreeze7199October 26, 2008

Live in Orlando Florida. Switched over to Organic fertilizer 8 months ago. Notice grass greener and soil richer. Organic fertilizer is easy to get here. However we had problems with weeds and major problems with Chinch bugs where we will have to replace some Floratam sod in the spring.

What can we use on both weeds and especially Chinch bugs?

Can you please provide specifics (names, brands and places to order, as well as when to specifically apply)

No one here seems to have anything Organic to fight weeds or Chinch Bugs.

We want to continue being Organic but it is like the stone age when it comes to getting the products you need in order to do it.

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Switching to an organic gardening program is more than simply switching brands of fertilizer. Start by having a good, reliable soil test done and dig into your soil to see what you have nad what needs to be done to make that soil into something good and healthy that will grow strong and healthy plants that can withstand an insect infestation better and will crowd out any "weeds" growing in that same soil.

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