Sticky Soil

mscottw2(9)October 22, 2007

Hey guys, I put down some Milorganite the last couple months and some cgm about a week ago. I noticed while pulling weeds a couple of days ago that my soil is very "sticky." I live in North Florida and have always had pretty sandy soil, but now it is super dark and "thick" (if that makes any sense.)

Is this change in soil consistency due to the new organic program? The grass is thriving, so I know it's not damaging anything.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I use sand as a fill over whatever base I had - mostly limestone rock. My sand is black, too, but not sticky. I've never used Milorganite, but I have used a lot of ordinary corn meal and CGM on occasion. I would not think CGM or Milorganite would make sticky soil.

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If you mean sticky like old gum, the organics shouldn't be doing that (but I guess if you've had a lot of rain it might be a bit sticky from all the happy little bacteria in there).

If you mean sticks together better than sand does, forming a bit of a clod when you compress it, the organics can be causing that and probably are.

Either way, it's good to hear the grass is thriving!

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