How's Everyone in the Joplin Area?

gldno1May 14, 2009

I heard it was worse in your everyone OK?

We got by easy this time.


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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

Glenda, I'm happy to say I had no damage that I can see here in Silver Creek. The rain gauge held almost an inch this morning. Horrible lightening and thunder and very heavy rain. I put the most of the plants that weren't planted out yet into the garage. Thank goodness I mowed everything yesterday with the tractor mower.
It was a terrific storm -- hope everyone is okay.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I have a weather radio that kept warning of 60 - 80 mile an hour winds and tennis ball size hail. I should have finished mowing but instead I put things over plants and moved plants not in the ground to safe places. I charged all flashlights and washed all laundry. I got my mother in the basement - not easy. We had lots of rain, no hail, no branches fell, not bad lightning. Maybe prayer helps. If we lose power, my mother can't use her nebulizer = can't breath. To think I was worried about drought earlier this year.

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Say thing I kept hearing. Wind, hail etc.
I moved everything I could and put stepping stones on top of everything else.
The only thing I found sone was some of the loose branches that were stuck up in the trees from the last storm came down. All small stuff. So that was good.
I had a lot of rain and wind and lighting.
But not near the wind they were calling for. I think I was in that little area they were talking about that was starting to break up as it was headed south. Bad to the east and west of me .
I guess this must make it official that the spring storms have arrived. Now they need to go away.
I was looking out when it was raining so hard and water was running over the 4" lip on one of my raised beds, since it was coming down so fast.
Hope all is safe today.
Bless you Helen.
Sunny you are south west of me.

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helen, we were worried about drought we don't complain about excess rain because of the cows and grass but I could sure do without the winds.

Glad you are all safe and not suffering damage.

Helen, do you have contingency plans for long-term outtages for your Mom?

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

No because the nebulizer is a new thing. She also has an oxygen machine. I don't heat with propane so a generator on propane would be a big deal. Friends who have generators go out on the icy roads in winter to buy gasoline. I do not get out at all when it is icy. In summer I would try to find a motel with electricity, in winter I don't know what to do. My friend knows someone with a generator on a propane tank; his set up cost 7,000. I might do that if I knew enough about how to do it. Someone else who knows would have to mastermind the project because I have no idea. I can not picture where I would put a propane tank.

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7000! I would check to see if they make battery powered nebulizers and oxygent machines first. That would be nice for emergencies or travel. It might be covered under medicare or social security too.

We have a gasoline powered generator but I wouldn't know how to set it up by myself. We'd be in trouble if the power went out when our sump pump was going. We have a lot of things in our basement that would get wet.

Glad to hear you all made it through the storms. I see sunny days in the forecast! Yay!

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