horseradish in this area

emlovestogrdn(6B)February 13, 2009

Hi everybody,

I want to grow horseradish (my husband is an addict)- does anybody have any roots they want to give or swap away? I have a bunch of seeds, and as I'm already growing some seedlings for all manner of things in the basement, I'll have seedlings soon to swap, too. Also, how do I grow it?



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Horseradish is not difficult to grow. If you have a small garden the most important thing to remember is, keep it contained. I cut the bottom out of a very large plastic pot and planted the roots in rich soil. I harvested before Easter, always making sure to replant a few healthy roots.

Now, preparing homemade horseradish is a different matter! The process will certainly clear your sinus passages! But it's worth it! Good luck!

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I hope you really like horseradish, because once you start growing it, you NEVER get rid of it... llangrove is right-- contain it! If you don't pull the whole root when you harvest it, it'll come back. We finally got fed up with it (but I didn't want to give it up) & planted it in a rather inhospitable place (lots of shade)-- still horseradish....

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check your local farmer's market for the roots - that's really the easiest way to get them started. I like the one in Morrisville, but there's also Tanner's in Richboro, and sometimes they show up at the Produce Junctions, but usually in the fall during harvest time (you can plant them through the end of fall around here, thy don't need much to survive the winter)

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dan1465_z7nj(Z7 NJ)

I grow it here in southern New Jersey. I does spread a bit but, has never really gotten out of control. I believe it's because my patch of it is planted in Half sun/Half shade. once a year I can easily rip out a few of the runners that want to spread. No big deal here. Try a less sun planting, it might help. Good luck. Dan

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I just bought a little horseradish plant; I think it was at Ashcombe's, so someone has potted some up for sale around here. In previous years I tried planting roots from the supermarket but for some reason they didn't take.

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I bought roots at a farm market this spring(nasty looking things). I cut off the tops, planted them, and ground up the rest and threw it in vinegar. I guess I'll have to plant some plastic to contain the plants. They are over a foot tall ten weeks later, and nice looking. Good success!

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Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)

Funny, my horseradish hasn't spread at all. I planted two roots 7 years ago (got them mail order, probably from Jungs). They've grown into two well-behaved healthy clumps, only about 18 inches across. I made fresh horseradish for the first time this year. Yum.

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