What's the deal with the squash bugs?

tigerdawn(7)May 16, 2012

I always thought squash bugs laid their eggs in clumps under leaves. But I've only found 1 clump all season. All the other eggs are laid individually on the stems and flowers.

Also, what's the best soap to use to get that smell off my hands? Bleck!

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Are you sure those individual eggs aren't squash vine borers? I just did a google image search a few days ago for what the different eggs look like, and the SVBs lay individual eggs on the stems.

I killed two squash bugs a few days ago and pulled four clusters of eggs off my yellow summer squash. Hopefully I can protect them long enough to get a crop!

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Well, would you look at that! I googled it and those ARE SVBs! Well I'm glad I've been picking them all off.

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