Leyland Cypress

busylizzy(z5 PA)March 31, 2006

Looking to see if anyone has sucessfully grown Leyland Cypress this far North. thinking of getting them for in a wind break.

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meadowphlox(z6 PA)

We live in the Valley Forge area (zone 6 PA) and planted a row of Leyland Cypress about 10 years ago for a privacy screen....They grow really fast (they're now in the 30-foot plus range), got a bit stressed a few years back when we had the drought but otherwise pretty darn hardy. The only complaint I have is that their root structure doesn't go real deep to support their height and a few of them tend to topple in high winds if the grounds really soggy but we just keep tying them back up. We have clay soil so that probably doesn't help the roots. Still, I'd rate them great if you need height fast. Good luck and happy planting!

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Check out your local orange big box store. They had a fluke in pricing and the L. Cyprus,5 foot tall, are under $10.00 each. They have loads in stock to move out (at least in my area) before they die out from lack of water.

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