Baltimore Orioles?

sweetwm007(6 b)May 2, 2007

opened the shades on the window yesterday morning and had three orioles on the hummer feeder. i lived in maryland many years as a child and never saw one. they are much too big for the hummer feeder. anyone else see any?

the roadrunner was back. hunted our wood line for a hour. comical birds.

william- in yellville

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I haven't seen a roadrunner since I was in grade school. You're so lucky.
I saw a pair of Baltimore Orioles (I think) yesterday in my maple tree for a moment and then they flew off. I also had an Orchard Oriole (I think) come to my feeder yesterday. I'd never seen one of those before. The orange is not as bright and it almost looks like a robin. This is the second year in a row I've had a Baltimore Oriole come to my yard. Only for a few days last year. Wish they would stick around and build a nest. They sooo bright and pretty.

I bought an oriole feeder on clearance last summer and put it up just a few days ago. It has perches and the holes are a little larger than a hummingbird feeders. I bought a packet of powder that makes orange nectar but I guess plain sugar water would work.

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We had a Baltimore Oriole for a week or two last year and one flew by yesterday. It was feeding from the hb feeder at the kitchen window. I didn't know they made feeders for them.

We also have had a few Blue Buntings at the thistle feeder. They are sure pretty, still no sightings of the Blue birds though.

Also had Chipping Sparrows for the first time last week.

I have plans for DH to build 4 blue bird houses as soon as we can pick up the cedar lumber for them.

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We saw our first pair of Orioles today. We have had 3 pair for the past 3 years, and one pair always makes a nest within 20 feet of the house. We have had bluebirds off and on for about a month, but none nesting yet. Have a pair of tree swallows looking at one of the bluebird houses, but don't know if they'll inhabit it or not. Have had 5 Martins for about 2 weeks, and yesterday the young ones started coming in.

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sweetwm007(6 b)

i took a picture today of at least 15 goldfinch's feeding on the ground and there were 3 blue type birds with them. i will have to check and see if they are blue buntings. they are bigger then the finch's but smaller then a bluebird.

we have bluebirds nesting here. i put out 4 boxes i built and within 2-4 days, 2 had moved in. beautiful birds.


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oakleif(z6 AR)

I have'nt seen an oriole for a couple of years.
I mentioned sometime earlier that i had a crazy house wren that tried every year to make a nest on top of my outside porch light that was impossible to build a nest on. This year i've got a bird that i think is an eastern phoebe That did build a nest there. my dogs and i have more fun watching her out our window. We may have to go in and out our back door after she lays her eggs. We don't seem to bother her now and i'm in and out everyday.

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I put up a martin house for the first time this year; immediately 3 starlings or grackles built nests. The poop was so filthy looking, I just took the house down.

Any tips for attracting the martins?

I should have some gourd birdhouses from ones I grew last year....I just varnished them, drilled drain and air holes and now need to hang them....totatlly forgot about them. I also have a cup of seeds I left in the garage, don't know if they will be viable or not.

I have a couple of wrens building in the ones I left hanging from last year, but not my favorite Carolina Wren, the house wren. So far, we haven't seen the Carolina this year.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Some years we have both the Baltimore and the Orchard Oriole, but neither last year. I saw a female the other day but am not sure whether it was an Oriole, or a Tanager. They look a lot alike.
While I was in town Tuesday my DH was entertained with a roadrunner in our yard. It had caught a snake, and was carrying it all over, even on top of the vehicles ! :-)
We see them along side of the roads as we go to town, but seldom in our yard.
Now that a lot of the leaves are returning the birds and bugs are also.

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Marian - That roadrunner would've been a great thing to get a video of.

Happy ending but - I heard a thunk against my window this morning and went outside to find a male Baltimore Oriole sitting on the ground with his head tipped sideways and his beak hanging open. It took him 15 or 20 minutes to recover and he looked like he was getting worse for awhile instead of better. He kept closing his eyes. I couldn't resist letting him sit on my hand for awhile and I fed him some of the nectar from the Oriole feeder. They're so pretty.
My kids have made home-made snowflakes and stuck them all over my bay window to keep the birds from flying into it since it's close to my bird feeders. I'm surprised he flew into it but he may have seen his reflection. Yesterday, he was landing on the ledge under the window and pecking against the glass.

I wish I had another Oriole feeder. They seem to be territorial. It has four perches but I never seen more than one at a time at it. There were two male Orchard Orioles chattering at each other in the tree for a long time yesterday but neither of them would go to the feeder and the Baltimore Oriole won't go to it if there's already an Orchard Oriole there.

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My Oriole seems to have flown away....I heard something hit my kitchen window yesterday, but it just flew off. Still have the blue buntings at the thistle feeder.

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