Cape Fuchsia (phygelius)

christie_sw_mo(Z6)May 28, 2007

Has anyone tried to winter over cape fuchsia in the ground?

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I thought I posted about your phygelius yesterday, but don't see it.

I didn't even know what it was until I was reading an old Fine Gardening magazine and there were two of them in a garden in Washington. They are gorgeous! What color is yours?

BTW, I can over-winter whhat is listed as zones 7 & 8 Black and Blue Salvia, so looks like the phygelius would be possible at Zone 7. It would probably depend on where you had it located and how much mulch. Might be risky.

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I got one called 'Devil's Tears' from K-Mart on S. Campbell in Springfield. It looks bright red in some of the photos I've seen on the web but it's not that red. The blooms hang down and the part you DON'T see is bright red with a yellow throat. The part you DO see is more of a dull red so I can't tell yet whether it's going to be showy. If it winters over and gets large it may be. The flowers have a lot of nectar in them so I mostly bought it for the hummingbirds but they haven't found it yet.
Here's a photo of the same cultivar from the web. I haven't taken a picture of mine yet.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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So Christie, how did it do ? I bought one yesterday and really really wondered about performance here in Z6b.

Mine is Tie Die Radiant Red...sounded like a hummingbirds wet dream.

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I don't recall that mine wintered over but to be honest I had completely forgotten about it since that was several years ago....and I'm old. It's supposed to be hardy to zone 7 so it might make it there with a little luck.

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Well, I had to ask....I'll report back if I'm in any way pleased with it (summer heat or survival till next year).

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