pomonaflowerMay 8, 2014

Two years ago I planted three Forsythia shrubs along our lot line. One was from a nursery and the other two cost $1 each at an Aldi grocery store. Last fall, the "nursery" shrub re-bloomed and I have no idea why. This spring, the re-bloomer is bone- bare, no leaves, no flowers. The $1 shrubs are lush, green and flowered like crazy.

I'm thinking the nursery shrub is gone and, luckily, the others have some "rooters" I can put in its place but I'd sure like to know what happened and why. Any ideas?

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No telling....but there is a last ditch effort to flower and reproduce sometimes.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Forsythia will sometimes bloom a bit in the fall. I don't know what causes that. We had a colder winter than we have had in several years. I think all my crepe myrtle will be coming up from the bottom. Plants that made it through winter for years have been damaged this year. If you like your bargain forsythia, it is easy to propagate. You can take cuttings and keep them watered until the small plants have a root system. Or you can bend some branches down weight them down with a rock and the branch will probably grow roots. We are in a drought. Small plants take more care so if you do this keep them watered. Some improved varieties of forsythia have larger brighter flowers so you may want to invest in an improved one. The cost of a small shrub of something as easy as forsythia may be worth it. The ones from the grocery store may be fine though.

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