Crocus flowers eaten... by what?

rosie_pa(Central PA z6)March 18, 2006

Does anyone know what eats crocus flowers? Each day I find the petals on the ground and some of the stems look bitten... have never had this before. I'm in a new location this year and my yard is fenced. Is it birds, squirrels, rabbits?

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janetr(Ottawa USDA 4a)

Probably squirrels. Crocuses are their favourite bulb. I even had squirrels try munching on daffodils! They gave up quickly, but not before ruining the flowers.

Warning, if you have lilies, they love to chew on newly emerging lily shoots. I cover mine with 2 L. pop bottles with the bottoms cut out.

By the time the lilies are tall enough to be cramped in the bottles, the squirrels usually aren't interested any more.

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garden_grammie(SE Pa.)

I think it is the squirrels. I don't even bother to plant tulips any more, because those suckers just wait until the buds are getting ready to open and then snap them off and leave them behind! Arghhh!!!!!!!

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janetr(Ottawa USDA 4a)

Grammie, I've heard that they turn their noses up at the botanical tulips. You might try a couple. This will be my first spring for tulips, because I lived in an area positively infested with squirrels. I could never look out the window or door without seeing one - or more! - rooting through my flowerbeds and pots. There are not so many here, but old habits die hard. Bloodmeal is also an effective deterrent, but it has to be reapplied frequently.

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garden_grammie(SE Pa.)

Thanks Jane. I will try that next year. I love tulips. Where do you get the botanical tulips?

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janetr(Ottawa USDA 4a)

Grammie, ask in the bulb forum. I live in Canada (but will probably be moving to PA next year), so I don't know American suppliers.


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gardenguy_(z6b PA)

Definitely squirrels. I had the same problem, couldn't figure out if it was the dog itself or something else. One morning we let the dog out for her break. ( fenced in yard ). About a minute after we let her out, we hear a little bit of barking then silence. I looked out the window and she had a dead squirrel in her mouth. Our crocuses are fine now. : )

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rosie_pa(Central PA z6)

I finally did see the squirrels in action. I didn't realize they bothered vegitation... I thought they only ate bulbs and emptied the birdfeeders. ~Rosie

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Kathy46(Z6 Pa)

I think right now the squirrels may be digging up and eating the bulbs for water it's been so dry. I am keeping 3 birdbaths filled to keep the little vermin happy.They still dig though.


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