bulbs in container help....please

earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)March 26, 2013

this is the first year i put bulbs in containers...daffs, hyacinth, tulips, etc. couldn't resist, hit a killer sale at an opportune time. anyway, put bunches in the ground and then the rest in about a dozen different containers, all at the right depth, etc.

all the bulbs in the ground around my property are peeking through, even with this insane weather, but not a lick of anything green, tip or otherwise, popping up in the containers.

any ideas...do these take longer?


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Did you store the containers out of the weather or outside? They may have frozen, then got waterlogged - which will kill the bulbs.

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Yeah, cold muck kills bulbs. Most of those bulbs originate on the steppes with a sort of cold Mediterranean climate. The well draining soil gets most of its water in the winter, but it drains fast. Summers are hot and dry, so the plant hibernates. The bulbs have a better chance making it through the winter in pots clustered above ground. If you tarp them, rodents get in. The bulbs are tougher than you think. A zone 6/7 winter is fine for them to weather.

I would dig around gently and lift the pots out. You may find some growth. Good for you on scarfing cheap bulbs. I did too last fall at a big box store, and they look great this spring (or what is passing for spring here in PA).

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

i planted them in containers, large enough to give them plenty of depth, etc., and they are outside. i did not plant the containers, just the bulbs in the containers. i will check later on to see if anything is happening. i'll cry if they all perished...lots of bulbs, lots of containers, even on sale, still would be money wasted. hoping for the best, thanks for the responses.


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