I'm Gonna Kill Some Dear!

kadasuki(z6 NW AR)May 25, 2008

For the 2nd year now, the blasted dear ate the buds off of all my asiatic lillies! And my poor sunchokes have NEVER gotten to bloom! They love to eat them to the ground!

Forget having roses, they can't resist them flower buds and leaves. And my Texas hibiscus they get too!

Not a blasted bud left of about a 100 lillie bulbs! Is there anything I can do for my poor bulbs to get blooms? Durn dear won't eat peonies, holleyhocks, 4 o'clocks, lariope, daylillies, fig, iris, or WEEDS, but they wait until I'm expecting to have blooms and fragrance and then in 1 night gorge themselves. I hope they poison themselves.

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lol. Sorry couldn't help it. I get about that mad at the squirrels and bunny rabbits here. they dig and eat any thing they can find. I think they dig them just to see my reaction. oh her she comes watch this ... yep she's mad ha lets get those new plants she sat out today when she goes in for the night.
we have a hawk in residence here now. I was hoping they would keep the squirrel and rabbits down a bit but I guess not. all I ever see in their claws is mice. Well I guess that is a good thing.

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How disappointing! Your flowers would've been so pretty. Deer sure can do a lot of damage in a short time. I've seen a bunch of posts on Gardenweb from people looking for deer-proof plants or a way to keep deer out of their gardens. Some people put up fencing but that seems like a lot of work and expense. Do you already have a dog?

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I am sorry for you. That is one problem we have never had.

I'm thinking a large dog!

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oakleif(z6 AR)

kadasuki, You must have been heartbroke abt your beautiful lilies. The deer have always left my flowers alone untill this year and ate some new daylilly leaves. We have so many oaks and wild stuff around they did'nt need anything else. No acorns this winter.I think that might have done
it. Guess we can't feed all the deer to keep them out of our flowers.

I go with the big dog idea. I have one but i keep him penned up. Hope you find a solution.

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Kathy547(z8 AR)

I was late putting up my vegetable garden but will have to use an electric fence for the deer, wild hogs, & rabbits around here. I've read that if you use peanut butter (deer supposedly love peanut butter) on a piece of aluminum foil & wrap/hang on the fence, the deer will go to the peanut butter, get zapped & supposedly be deterred from the area. All my neighbor used was to have her husband & some of his beer drinking friends urinate in cans scattered (1/2 buried in ground)around the garden. I just moved my 2 large outside dogs out to the garden until I can get that fence charger. I have read (& am going to try) hang strong smelling dryer sheets around the area you don't want the deer to go around. Or, chunks of strong smelling soap like Irish Spring in old nylon or netted bags. Deer aren't supposed to like the strong smells of the sheets or the soap.

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minirose1(z6 AR)

We've had a big problem with deer the last 3 or 4 years also and have tried several things. We did get an outside dog and she is loose at night (doesn't stop the deer in the daytime). We ordered some Nite Guard lights and they do seem to help a lot, so long as you keep moving them every few days. We don't have a lot of lilies but had never gotten one bloom since first planting them several years ago, so my last trick was to order some "Piss Off" plants from Richter's out of Canada. I took several cuttings off them and put one plant by each of two groups of lilies and they are in full bloom right now. Am going to take more cuttings and have more to place around next year as they are not winter hardy (you might know), but seem to be working. They smell like a skunk and are sold as a deterrant to dogs and cats and rabbits. I can't remember the formal name right now but can get it if anyone wants it.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Thanks minirose1. I'd like the name of it.

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minirose1(z6 AR)

I am sorry oakleif, for not posting this sooner. The proper name for the "Piss off Plant" that I got from Richters is Plectranthus "Sumcol 01". If you want to check it out go to www.richters.com. and click on catalog, then do a search for it and it should come up for you. I'm sure it is available elsewhere too. I have propagated it for my own use and it roots very easily.

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Please excuse if this seems crude but I'm originally from Wisconsin where deer are like mice and moles, they're everywhere. I used to have my teen-age (and older) boys go out after dark and urinate around the edges of my flower beds. The boys thought it was fun, and the deer - scenting human markings - stayed away. Think about it - a hunter will never urinate near his deer stand. Huge mistake.

You can buy predator urine made from coyote, fox, bobcat, mountain lion and wolf urine at many stores or on line. Just google "predator urine" for a listing. The wolf pee will even keep coyotes out of the yard.

Frankly, I'd try the "boy" solution first. Costs less. And remember, urine is sterile so this is not a germ-laden solution.

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