Christie tell us about your goumi berry

helenh(z6 SW MO)May 3, 2013

Have you tasted the fruit or is this a new shrub? Are the flowers really fragrant?

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I hadn't heard that the flowers were supposed to be fragrant. Now I wish I had checked.
The first year it fruited, they were green, then they were gone. I missed them. The second year, I covered them so the birds wouldn't get to them before me. I discovered that if you eat them when they first turn red and look ripe, they AREN'T. They were terribly bitter. I had to wait another 10 days or so and then they were much more edible, a little bit sour but no more than the average strawberry. I wouldn't call it my favorite fruit but they were good. If they were a little bigger or seedless, they'd be better. I think they'd make good juice. If the frost didn't get them this year and I have enough, I may try putting some through my juicer and see how that goes.

It seems to be easy to grow so far and made it through the last two horrible summers just fine. I'm pretty sure it's something that you don't have to spray, not prone to pests and diseases so that's a big plus.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Would you say it is an ornamental plant in any way. I am not much for making jelly or juice.

You got me going with your mulberry. I am researching on-line instead of cleaning my house. I am attracted to Illinois Everbearing Mulberry but can't find where to order it. Stark says out of stock.

Most people hate mulberry trees and I hate the hard to remove seedlings I have in my yard. My mulberry tree is old and declining and when it was bigger, the flies and wasps swarmed over the fallen fruit which gets on shoes and makes purple stains. Still the tree is full of birds and squirrels when it has fruit. It may be the reason birds don't seem to bother my blueberries. The tree is trimmed up too high to reach the fruit. I would like a smaller tree in a different location and I want it now but no where to order.

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I'm pretty sure Oscar is seedless. Illinois Everbearing may be too. I can't remember why I decided to order Oscar instead of the other but I think Illinois Everbearing might have been a better choice as far as hardiness.
I hate mulberry seedlings. The tap root makes them pretty hard to pull and I always have a few every year that hide until they're hard to even dig up with a shovel.

My goumi had lots of flowers on it this year but it wasn't really showy from a distance, maybe sort of. The flowers are small.

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