Acorns as organic matter?

A3M0N(8)November 6, 2011

My neighbor's oak tree dropped a metric ton of acorns on my mostly sand backyard. Can I leave them down to decompose as organic matter? Will corn gluten meal stop them from sprouting? I would just rake them up, but that ends up taking a lot of dirt with it.

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Those Acorns are seeds and have in them everything a plant needs to grow to true leaf stage, ie a lot of nutrients. If they are chopped up they would be a good nutrient source for your soil but whole might produce more trees then you want. Corn Gluten Meal might keep them from rooting.

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dogwind(Z8a TX)

I have never seen evidence that corn gluten meal will prevent an acorn from sprouting. CGM can act as a desiccant on some common weed seeds such as dandelion. However, its use for that purpose if often questioned, and even panned, by professionals who read this and other gardening forums due to precise timing and moisture required to obtained the herbicidal effect.
If I were you I would put on some shoes or boots with a stiff heel and walk around the yard to make sure the acorns are all cracked open and exposed to the elements that will consume them. Any acorns that do sprout can be mowed over with a lawn mower.

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Corn Gluten Meal does not prevent any seed from germinating although it does suppress root development. There is little evidence that CGM works on Acorns since no one, to my knowledge, has tested that. CGM, in the right conditions, might keep the Acorns from rooting.

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