Oh, MY GOSH!!!

jaceysgranny(7aAR)May 6, 2010

A couple of years ago I threw some of this sedum into one of my large back beds. Last year it spread some but it was so dry it didn't do much. After the rains this winter and spring it's decided it wants to live there without any neighbors! Any body need a ground cover for a bank or somewhere nothing will grow away from other plants? This stuff is climbing my plants!!!!

It was also a pain in the butt to pull up all the limelight artemesia.

I used to say, "not here" when people told me that things took over when all it needed was water.

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Wow! I would say that is a ground cover. It is sedum acre?

I am overrun with creeping jenny and vinca minor.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

At least you can say it is supposed to be there. I have ground ivy and chickweed.

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Yes Glenda, it's sedum acre. I have both types of vinca minor, the variegated and the green planted around trees. They're getting pretty thick but pretty. I also have creeping Jenny but it's never really taken hold. My lamium hase taken off this spring too. I love ground covers but within reason!

Helen, before I had this I had violets just about as thick.

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I have some ground cover sedums that I wonder about. They've spread a lot from the tiny pieces I planted a few years ago. Gardeners need a crystal ball to see how aggressive something will be. Once it's spread, it's a bit late to try to get rid of it. It might be easiest to move the iris.

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What has surprised me this year is the lamiums. They have gone bonkers, taller more spread and I am seeing self-seeded ones here and there! My different ones have not blended with each other. In my wisdom, I planted them in the same areas.

I have some vinca major........that will climb trees....more aggressive that minor. If I could just get more started out front I could forget the ditch.

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Jaceysgranny - I thought of you when I saw the discussion below in the Perennials forum.
I think I will try to i.d. my ground cover sedums and see if there's any I should get rid of. They're under my pecan tree because that's where I started the cuttings. Once they creep out into the sunnier area, they may take off running.

Here is a link that might be useful: Is it okay to let creeping sedum creep under perennials & shrubs?

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I looked at that thread Christie. I agreed that mine was sedum acre but it's not. It's sarmentosum. I also have some spurium in the front bed that has taken off from a small circle of it. Now it's about a 3 ft patch and spreading. Somebody wanted to know if you can walk on sedums and I wouldn't hesitate to walk on mine. I'd just be wondering how many snakes are under it!

Glenda, I have the vinca major too, both varieties. My ground is normally so dry and full of shale that I didn't worry about anything being agressive until last year but they've certainly lived up to their reputations now. I have chameleon plant too and it's starting to spread after about 7 or 8 years. DH dug some up and threw them in the yard. I warned him that they will take hold even if they look dead.

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