Sick looking Paph 'Pinocchio'

telly2(7 b - Alabama)November 9, 2008

Here it is in all it's sad glory. I listed details in the Orchids forum. Any help would be greatly appreciated !

Image link:

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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

Telly, I have my paphs in plastic pots. The clay pots dry out faster, so I think it is probably needing a lot more moisture than what you're giving it. I left a lot of info on your post under questions. But, until it gets a healthier look and loses some of the limpness, I'd hold off on the higher light. The plant doesn't look like a 'lost cause' and you should be able to bring it around to better health.

Sheila :)

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telly2(7 b - Alabama)

Sheila, you're sweet to give me hope for this pitiful paph. I will try your suggestions immediately, and thanks for all your info, especially about the plastic pots as I did think about that too.

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