planting daffodils outside

SharonBenderMarch 25, 2013

I have several daffodil plants that were laying in my yard all winter. Therefore they can withstand snow. Any time better to plant them? I heard on television that they are hard to grow-Please explain. thanks SharonBender

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I'm confused. are you sure they are daffodils? If they are they are pretty easy. Plant them & forget it. They are a bulb.What do you mean "laying in your yard? They should have been planted in the fall for this springs bloom. Nothing eats them, bulb or leaves. They are poison to critters. If you plant them now they may bloom or they will wait & bloom next year.

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II watched the show again and they were called iris. Now what is difficult about planting them? They layed in the backyard during winter snow then I planted them last week. Will they blossom this summer? flowers? what color? Sorry for the confusion. thanks SharonBender

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Heaving, through freeze and thaw may have lifted the bulbs out of the ground. IF they are german Iris just plant them. They should bloom this spring. Identify what you planted/bought !?

Here is a link that might be useful: these?

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If they are the Bearded/German Iris, do not bury the rhizome. They are not really a bulb, and burying them kills them. At most, you should 1/2 bury them, with the bigger part out of the ground. Although August is the best time to plant them, now will work too. Some may bloom them this year, but more likely most of them will only grow roots and leaves. Next year all the ones you plant this year will probably bloom.

So far as the color, it will be one of the colors of the rainbow, that is how many colors of iris exist. The most common colors involve some of the darker shades of blue, and the old fashioned kinds have beautiful light blue solid colors. Flowers are generally smaller on these.

They make clumps if they are happy. Do not mulch over the roots, this encourages the dreaded iris borer. Grow them in a sunny place where it drains well.

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Thank you for the help-what do you mean by "the rhizome"? Is that a stemlike thing that is in the middle? I removed the long green leaves by cutting off about six inches. The sentence you wrote "they make clumps when they are happy", what does that refer to? Happy Easter-SharonBender.

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Clumps = they spread

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