Aerangis rhodosticta

ttkidd(Toronto ON)November 20, 2008

My first time posting on this side of the forum. I bought this plant earlier this summer and this is the first time it's bloomed for me. You can't really tell from the picture, but the flowers are a very pale green...about the size of a dime. Sorry for the dust on the lens :)


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olyagrove(z9 Tampa, FL)

What a beautiful orchid, and a great capture

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ttkidd(Toronto ON)

Thanks :) It's the first time I've tried to take a picutre of something that small. I'm apparently not that great at it ... the ratio of bad shots to good ones was about 40:1

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mrbreeze(z6/7 OK)

Awesome! The first pic is quite good. And those small white flowers are not easy to capture under the best of circumstances. Do you have/use the Macro setting? A tripod? Those two things plus a black cloth will get you pretty far. Your Ang, as is typical for the genus, is truly great. Do not overwater it after the blooms fade. It *should* go into a rest phase which is evident by the root tips being covered with velamen. If so, keep humidity up but watering down. Especially avoid water in the crown. I've killed at least one nice plant by overwatering...and it was MOUNTED! *sigh*

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ttkidd(Toronto ON)

I was using my old Olympus Camedia C-770, bought 5 years ago or so I think. Pretty good for a point-and-shoot back then, but not much by today's standards. If the economy were a little more sound and my job a little more stable I'd break down and buy myself an entry level dSLR. I love photography...I've just never been all that great at it.

I used the macro setting and discovered quickly that some kind of neutral background was going to be necessary. Despite the macro mode, the autofocus on the camera kept focusing on more distant objects without it. No tripod, but the camera has nothing in terms of image stabilization so I had to set it on a stack of books. :)

The advice is very much appreciated. I've had some difficulty with my Angs so far. Nothing dead yet, but some looking not so great. This one is growing somewhat unconventionally at the moment and I'm trying to find somewhere to put it that doesn't scare me about the long term health of the plant. I started a thread about it a little while back on the other side of the forum (floating cork mounts). If you have the time to check it out I'd appreciate any additional input you could give. I get the impression from other posts on the forum that you grow quite a few Angs.



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