Rose breasted grosbeaks and Baltimore orioles

posy_pet(z6Mo.)May 12, 2005

I have had both rose breasted grosbeaks and Baltimore orioles,both male and females at the feeder for the last 4-5 days.Thought the orioles had moved on but had one at the hummingbird feeder this morning.Also had a blue grosbeak.These are all birds that we don't usually see at the feeder.I did buy another sack of sunflower seed and am feeding later this year.Have one woodpecker who throws a lot of the feed to the ground and really makes a mess and wastes the feed!What unusual birds are you seeing at your feeder?Posy Pet

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kaye(7a AR)

My husband saw a pair of Orioles yesterday..I saw a pair last year. They don't seem to stay long. We did have a female Rose Breasted Grosbeak at the suet feeder the other day but haven't seen a male yet. Our most exciting sighting was the Painted Bunting that came with two Indigo Buntings..all males and one female Indigo. They seemed to be hanging together. The Painted one rarely comes back but we've seen him for several days now now this year. I love my birds!

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We have a female oriole that eats at the hb feeder. We were so excited. We have never seen one here before. She has been here about two weeks now. I didn't know they just would move on. I sure hope a male shows up and she stays. The feeder is right outside my kitchen window and she will feed while I am standing about three feet from her.


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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

i've had grosbeaks, and orioles for about 3 weeks now. i have 2 male orioles, but i've only seen one female. i adapted a hummimgbird feeder especially for them, but, i'm wondering if why they're staying so long here this year, could be the grape jelly i'm putting out for them. anyone else tried this? i read in the bird forum that it would attract them, but--has anyone ever had them stay in this area?

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I had never seen them before so got really excited when they came to the feeders.The oriole just got on my hummingbird feeder but it is different-shaped like a flying saucer.My neighbor has a real oriole feeder.The female rose breasted grosbeaks are drab-really ugly-my husband thought it was unkind when we said that!Posy Pet

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MellieMag(Missouri Ozarks)

I am so jealous of y'all having orioles! They are so beautiful. We had one at the hummer feeder last year for just an hour or so. Many years ago we saw one and bought an oriole feeder and never saw another one.

I'm going to look for another oriole feeder just to try to get them to come see us.

We've unfortunately had a lot of cowbirds this year.

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china1940(Z5 MO)

I can't seem to attract the Baltimore Oriole, and I hate putting out orange slices, to see them dry up. We have lots of other birds such as the gold finches etc and one year we had a blue indigo.

Do ant get on the grape jelly and where do you put this grape jelly?

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china, I built a sort of platform feeder with a roof and nails to impale the oranges on and just dab the jelly on it. Didn't get ants last year at all.

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I had a couple hummingbird feeders up last year and they came to those, then I bought an oriole feeder and they liked that even better. After I started seeing them, I put orange slices on tree branches but didn't have a good place to put jelly. Last year is the first time I've ever had them stay around. They're sooo pretty. Hope they remember my house and come back this year. I just put up my oriole feeder yesterday. Had to look back at some old posts to see when they showed up last year and I think it was around May 1st.

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I also had one on my hummingbird feeder a couple of years ago. Put orange slices up all over the place but never saw them again ... Such beautiful birds those Orioles!

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johnmcafee_99(z6 MO)

Just saw my first Baltimore of the season. This year I am going to put up string all over the place. My neighbor has them nesting in his trees but he put out the normal stuff pluss the string. I think thats why he has them an I dont.

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This is only my second year to have Orioles and I've never seen a nest. John - Do you know what kind of trees your neighbor has that they like?
Last year, the Orioles stayed around for a little while and then disappeared so they must've nested in someone else's yard - not mine.
This year they showed up about a week earlier than last year. I've seen as many as 4 males at a time in our dogwood tree where I've been feeding them. The females aren't around as much and I've only seen two. Here's a picture of my "Orange Tree"

The darker one in the middle may be an Orchard Oriole. It was rainy. Here's a close-up of a Baltimore Oriole at the feeder.

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Christie, those are great pictures. This morning while my Sis and I were in town, our husbands counted 5 orioles and finally a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak here. I saw the grosbeak when we got back so we put out more seed for it.

I have never had the Orioles say very long either. Wish they would nest here.

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