jaceysgranny(7aAR)May 31, 2009

Is anyone else having the problem we are with mosquitoes? We can't even go out in the yard to get into the car without be eaten alive. We have to spray our whole bodies just to stay in the gardens for 5 minutes and they're swarming in your face and under your glasses. A person could for sure turn into a couch potato or at least a hermit.


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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

Yes, I've noticed a lot of small-sized mosquitoes here as well. I put spray on my legs, at least, and in the evening always wear long pants if I'm watering. Just in case, I have a citronella plant by the back door and if I think of it, I pick a leaf and rub it on me. I try to disturb the birdbath water when I add water to them. I don't know what else we can do -- if I had a way, I'd maybe put up a Purple Martin house in the back.
If they do get me, there's a small jar of good stuff for that called Chiggerex at Wal-Mart. Thank goodness I have never had chiggers, but it works great on mosquito bites.

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No not yet... knock on wood.
I have a place that has water that is very slow to go away at the bottom of the railroad hill.
I have seen a lot of those really big mosquito looking bugs. not sure what they are. But they don't seem to bother me. You watch tomorrow I will be attacked by them. lol
I rub bounce sheets on my legs an arms to help when they are bad.
Have you had someone check your gutters? I do know for a fact if you have any standing water/debris they will breed there. Had it happen a couple of years ago here. I try to clean them in the spring after all the stuff has fallen off my big tree an again in the fall.
Good luck.

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We don't have standing water now but there is a small pond that goes dry when it gets too hot and not enough rain across the road. It's rained so much all winter and spring that it's probably breeding hourly. I took a bath in baking soda and the rubbed cotosone cream on but I'm still itching. The funnest thing is that they usually don't bother me. I had encphalitis in the mid 70's and it was no picnic so I'm running out for 3 minutes and back in.

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We need to check our gutters too. Thanks for the reminder. I've only seen about four mosquitoes so far this spring and squished them all.

Sounds like a LOT of mosquitoes for this early in the year Nancy. Maybe a neighbor has some standing water. Does anyone have tires sitting around?

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pauln(z7B Arkansas)

Those little buggers can breed in a teaspoon of water if it lasts for more than a couple of days. With the wet Spring, there will be more than usual at least until things start to dry up more.

Standing water can lurk in many unseen places. Any trash will hold water of course. Birdbaths, saucers under pots are another common source. I have several old nursery pots, turned upside down, but even the rims and handles can store water.

If there is standing water without fish, Bt dunks are a very good way to kill out mosquito larvae. Bt - Bacillis thurengensis (I probably misspelled it) is a bacteria that kills insect larvae. It does no harm to any vertebrates which includes fish, pets, people. The kind for mosquitos is a small donut that floats on the water surface. Each one lasts about a month. If you're dealing with smaller pools, like a bird bath, they can be broken up into smaller chunks. I've seen them for sale at wallyworld, home depot and co-ops.

When I'm outside and the skeeters are aweful I have a few tricks which seem to help. The organic repellants that contain citronella, cedar, lemongrass or eucalyptus seem to work pretty well for me unless the critters are just awful. Inscense and citronella tiki torches do a pretty good job of keeping them away if you can start before they get there. There's also a yard spray with pyrethrin available, but I'm hesitant to spray all of my vegetation with that. A strong breeze from a fan does a good job over a limited area.

By the way, there's also a version of Bt for gardens to kill out caterpillars including corn worms, tomato hornworms, tent caterpillars, bagworms, and cabbage loopers. It's called Dipel dust and it is applied to foliage that the caterpillars eat with an old fashioned dust pump.

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