HAVE: New seed list for trades only

gcolbert28303(8a Sandhills of NC.)January 15, 2006

New list of Palm seeds available for trades

Arenga engleri - Dwarf Sugar Palm (100 available)

Chamaedorea seifrizii - Bamboo Palm (50 available)

Chamaerops humilis - Mediteraian Fan palm (50 available)

Sabal mexicana cv. Riverside - Riverside Palm (300 available)

Sabal minor - dwarf palmetto (50 available)

Sabal Palmetto - Cabbage Palm (300 available)

Trachycarpus fortunei - Chusan palm (50 available)

Wodyetia bifurcata - Foxtail Palm (30 available)

Palms I am looking for:

Butia capitata (Pindo Palm)

Guihaia argyrata (Silver Back Fan Palm)

Guihaia grossefibrosa

Nannorrhops ritchiana (Mazari Palm)

Rhapidophyllum hystrix (Needle Palm)

Trithrinax campestis (Dwarf trithrinax)

Washitonia filiera (California Fan Palm)



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gcolbert28303(8a Sandhills of NC.)

It seems I forgot 1

Phoenix canariensis - Canary Island Date Palm (30 available)

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Hi Colby,
I'm interested in S.riverside.
I have Dioon edule, Bismarkia nobilis, Livistonia decipiens, Corypha umbraculifera(indoor), Jubea chilensis, and coming in the mail right now is "silver queen palm, and Brahea edulis(proven in zone 8).
LMK if you are interested in any.

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