HAVE: Butia x Jubaea F3 seeds

yumari(z8aMs)January 29, 2006

I will trade with anyone with other rare palm seeds.

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I have some dioon edule (northern range), B.nobilis, Attalea cohune, corypha umbraculifera, L.decipiens, B.edulis, and "silver queen". The last two are in the mail on their way to me, but the other ones are just waiting for spring.
Let me knowif you are interested, and does the F3 mean it has be cross bred a third time?

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No, the f3 means it is generation number three. That means this plant only has about 12% jubaea in it. So it would look more like a butia than a jubaea. But you can tell from how the seeds look that it's a hybrid. The seeds are bigger than regular butia. I got seed from a man who got them from Merrill Wilcox.I only have 5 seeds left so I could only give you two or three. IF you are still interested in trading, just let me know. I would like to trade B.noblis,Silver queen or attalea cohune. Are you sure the seeds you have are really silver queens? I've heard that they are just a myth.

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Hi Yumari,
Thanks for elaborating on that(I definatly trust the science even though I don't get the percentages/genes factor, seems like the Jubaea would still have a larger percentage, but Mr. Wilcox does know his stuff).
If you want to trade all 5 seeds I'll trade 14 B.nobilis'silver', and 3 Attalea cohune(they are absolutly huge seeds), and I can't nessicarily stand behind the silver queen seeds, but I did pay a price for them, and will trade 20 or more of them also. And queens do come from southern Brazil at elevations of over 3,000'. In one pic I saw it looked a little more like a foxtail palm.
Anyways let me know how many seeds you want to trade, and we'll work a deal.

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Tropicallvr, you don't have to give me 14 B. noblis. You can just give me 6. 3 Attalea cohune is good, and when your silver queen seeds arrive, you could give me maybe 6 of them. I can give you maybe four bxj, because I would like to keep one for myself. Does that sound like a good deal, or do you have any suggestions?

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Sounds good you have mail!

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