WANTED: Wanted: Variegated Ponytail Palm

linda244January 29, 2008

I am looking for a variegated ponytail palm, I am afraid that I don't have anything to offer for trade right now except a chinese aralia. Thanks.....

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bihai(zone 9)

These are expensive and hard to find. I have one, I bought it from Tropiflora in Sarasota FL. They used to run about $150, the price is down to around $40 now. You might email them and see if they have any available. I don't know any other source.

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Yea they re expensive, we have a garden center here that had them at one time for $20 but they stopped carrying them. There is a guy on ebay, who lives in Titusville that charges about $40 for his, he told me that he had some kind of deal with Norway or somewhere like that to get them imported..dont know how true it is...But thank you for your suggestion....

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Linda, I live on the line between laurinburg NC. And McColl SC. and at walmart about 7 miles from my house they have plenty of ponytail palms for about 7.56 I bought a bucket with 5 in it I am raising some in my seed station right now just letting you know try your walmart thanks rob

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Hey There Rob, I have been to my Wal-Mart here in Virginia where I live and they have ponytail palms, but not the variegated ponytail palm that I am looking for. Nobody seems to have them. Thanks for the reply, it is appreciated....

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stokesjl(5 IA)

Hey Linda:

Where in VA are you? I just moved back to Iowa from Prince William County in Northern VA. Merrifield garden center in Vienna had a few of the variegated ponytails when I visited last winter. You could try contacting them, or if they don't have them, they may be able to order.

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Hey There Stokesjl,
I am in Hampton, Virginia and we cannot get any variegated ponytail palms here, nobody here has them. I have been told that they cannot be found anymore due to the hurricanes that Florida had sustained, that you can't even find them there anymore...

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stokesjl(5 IA)

merriefield garden center is in Vienna, VA. But if Linda's message is any indication, it may also be a dead-end. We had a few at a garden center I worked at out here in Iowa last summer. Next time I'm in there, I'll ask my old boss if they might have some lying around. He often gives me a nice little discount as well ;-) I'll keep you posted.

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rmplmnz(Tampa, FL 9B)


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