Help identifying new volunteers in my yard - Pittsburgh PA

wrhalpin(6)March 15, 2012

Hello all. Newly registered and this is my first post.

I went through a few similar posts going back as far as 07 but didnt find the info I needed.

Within the last few days my front yard has begun being overrun by a small green plant with thin stems and white flowers. Its actually quite pretty now but I cant seem to identify it.

I couldnt figure out how to upload to the site yet so I am including flicker links:



So far the candidates I have found are purslane or chickweed.

I'm trying to get away from having a lawn at all, so if this if this would be suitable as ground cover and stay relatively pretty like it is, I may let it take over.

The very strange thing is no one else has even a single plant that I can see sprouting in their yards.

If anyone can help me identify it I would greatly appreciate it.



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Hi Bill. It appears to be mouse ear chickweed. The photos are a little difficult to see the details of the plant growth, but that is what it appears to be. Mouse ear spreads by seed fairly close to the original plant. It also spreads a little bit by shallow root. Most likely the reason your neighbors don't have an abundance is lawn treatment and healthier turf. It is a fairly pretty "weed" in the spring and fall but will look ratty in the summer. If you aren't one for chemical treatment of your lawn *applause* then it will, most likely continue to seed itself and thrive. If you are looking to get away from lawn turf, I would suggest white clover. Clover will draw beneficial bees and insects to your landscape, flower prolifically, fixes nitrogen, stays green even when your neighbor's chemically treated lawns are dead from drought and heat, and requires minimal mowing. Just be aware that bare feet on clover means bee stings are possible! Go to a local Garden Center that carries clover seed and talk to them about what you would like to see as a lawn.


Here is a link that might be useful: White Clover

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Robbie's advice still applies, but I think the weed you are looking at is bittercress. Give it a google

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Yes, it's bitter cress. You can identify it by it's seed heads...sort of threadlike, but when ripe they will shoot seeds a long way. I just pulled it from 4 garden plots out of self preservation in our Community Garden.

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