WANTED: palms

chrmann(z7 AL)March 17, 2007

I'm looking for any of these palms. Or any hardy in Zone 7:

-needle palm (rhapidophyllum hystrix)

-Birmingham Palmetto

-Sabal Minor, Blue Bush Palmetto, Dwarf Palmetto

-Sabal Minor, Bear Creek Scrub Palmetto

-Sabal Minor, Bloutstown Dwarf Scrub Palmetto

-Sabal Minor, Castor Dwarf Scrub Palmetto

-Sabal Minor, Emerald Island Giant Scrub Palmetto

-Sabal Minor, McCurtain Scrub Palm

-Sabal Minor, Woodville Scrub Palmetto

-Sabal Xtexensis, Brazoria Palm

-Trachycarpus Fortunei, Chinese Windmill Palm

-Trachycarpus Wagnerianus, Miniature chusan Palm

-Trachycarpus Nanus, Yunnan Dwarf Palm

-Trachycarpus Takil, Himalayan Windmill Palm

-Trithrinax Campestris, Blue Needle Palm

-Washington Filifera, California Cotton Palm

I have the following natives & plants I can swap for palms:


trillium cuneatum - whip-poor-will trillium

Thalictrum Thalictroides - Rue Anemone

Richard Wallace cannas (5)


Hypericum Frondosum - St. John's Wort

Arundinaria Gigantea Tecta - Switch Cane(black bamboo)6'tall

Phlox Divarcata - Blue Phlox

Asarium Canadense - Wild Ginger


Kiss Me & I'll Tell - Fall Aster

Shasta Daisies


Eastern Redbud Trees (2)


Red Rose (a BIG division of one in my yard)

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I have Sabal minor ,but I'm unsure which cultivor.


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