WANTED: would like a palm tree-species doesn't matter

meganb(5)May 14, 2007

Hi all, I tried planting 10 washington robusta from seed and got nothing, so I'd really like to get a hold of a young palm I could call my own, I don't have a lot to trade for but if you'd be interested, please let me know.

Have to trade

6 inch oak tree starts-already has several leaves

18" tall established asparagus fern plant

tiny assorted cactus plants(just started from seed, but doing very well)

Tiger lillies, very established perinials

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send me an e-mail i have queens,mediterranean dates
robusta's and filferra


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I'm new to this site and not quite sure about the way things go I planted 80 seeds from the palms that they use on Easter Sunday it took 1 year for them to come up but I have 70 that came up they are about 8 to 10 inches tall you are welcome to a few if you would like. let me know. Diane

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I have Sabal minor seeds.

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Dianne. I am new to garden web. Would really like to have a couple of your palms. Please let me know. Thank you. Patrick

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Dianne do you mean dates ?

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i have two very tall palm trees over 20 feet tall. it is free to any one who wants them
call mike 909-763-8241

164 west olive st
san bernardino

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I have two palm trees, one is higher than roof height, the second somewhat shorter. If you have them removed and hauled, they're yours.

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I have many palm trees that need love. If you can haul them, they're yours. I live in Orange County, CA.


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