WANTED: Windmill or takil

statenislandpalm7a(7a)May 3, 2010

I want either windmill or takil with true leaves about the size of a 1 gallon. I need to replace one in a matching pair i had.

I'm also looking for canna tropicanna canna pretoria

any trunking yuccas

cordyline with some size

I have many things to trade

such as

canna red king humbert

" " the president

cana 'grande"

pindo seedlings in 3 gallon pots

meyer lemon cuttings

Yellow flowering opuntia cactus

strawberry plants

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Im still interested in a windmill, takil, princeps, wagy or trunking yuccas
needle palm
moso bamboo
canna pretoria
xanthamos lime zinger
any bannana
canna stugart
yellow ice plant
orange ice plant
hens and chicks purple

i have to trade

purple queen
callisia fragrans
eastern opuntia
pink ice plant

for the right trade
I have large 3. gallon

blue med fan palm
dioon spinulosom

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Do you still have the dioon spinulosom for trade ?>
I have a windmill palm if you are interested

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would like a waggie palm or chusan.Would be willing to trade or purchase.

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