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gandj(6)March 31, 2013

Hello all fellow Pennsylvanians. We started container gardening last yr. Started planting around the end of march ( late, I know). This year we're planning on growing more, but I've been running into some conflicting information on our last frost date. Some sites are saying mid-May, others are saying mid-April. That's quite a difference! We live in central PA. I'm thinking that cool growing plants may be able to go out in a couple weeks!? Any ideas?

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Cool growing plants can be planted right now. Last frost is usually mid-May, but some years that can be too early. Years ago it was end of May guaranteed. Just watch the weather for overnight forecasted temperatures. If you're growing frost tender plants you can just throw a plastic sheet over them if frost threatens.

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Do Not use plastic unless you keep it totally off the plants. The plant will freeze wherever the plastic touches it. Use cloth or grow covers to cover plants when frost is expected.

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Thanks for the info! We actually sowed radish, lettuce and spinach seed today! I was worried it would be too early, but I don't care. We gotta get started! Again thanks.

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