Critters Everywhere

JamesY40(z7a)May 27, 2007

This has been a banner year for seeing critters in the yard. Rabbits show up just about everyday to my little dogs delight(she never catches them.) I also have moles and gophers. I hope they stay out of my gardens.


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It's the same here, James. We had to plant grass seed on large areas of our lawn this spring. We chose to add clover to the seed mix and now the rabbits are very happy. They don't even look up from their nibbling when we pass by.

Last night I was trimming the Iberius that grows along the steps leading from the driveway to the house. I heard a car stop suddenly on the street. A girl was gesturing wildly and pointing to the field across the street from me. She finally pulled up into my driveway and as she was doing that I spotted a deer running across the field. She said the deer had run up from behind my house and ran past me. I didn't even see or hear a thing. She said if I'd taken two steps back I would have touched it. It had run in front of her car and then jumped the fence into the neighbors field. We don't normally have deer in our neighborhood and it has been cleared so much in the past couple of years that I wouldn't have thought they'd be moving in now. Hopefully, it was just passing through.

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sweetwm007(6 b)

same here james. we had 13 deer in the yard over a 2 day period. moles, 2 groundhogs, 1 copperhead, rabbits, possum and one skunk. he was eating out of our mousers' bowl that was left on the porch.

have had numerous holes in the yard and have been looking for an aardvark or armadillo. think i am convinced its the squirrels. they are all over the place.


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oakleif(z6 AR)

We have,rabbits, squirrels,one wild turkey,deer,copperhead and this last week one large black bear. If he don't move on soon we'll have to call the forest rangers to come move him. We've had bears come through but none hung around before.

We have'nt had possoms,skunks or armadillos and i hope they stay away.

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I have a gopher that's wrecking havoc in my yard. I really don't mind it but I know the voles will follow and they devour all my plants.


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