Planting in the rain?

luvncanninMay 24, 2014

Oh my
well I left the bucket of seed packs in the rain Thursday night and they are all soaked. I just found them this morning.
Should I go ahead and plant them or could I wait another day or two?
They are amaranth, kale, swiss chard, cilantro, dill, beans, cucumbers.
I really wasn't going to plant all right now but since they have been soaking for over a day I have to don't I ?

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I'd go ahead and plant. The odds are with that soaking, they're going to sprout pretty quickly so you might as well have them in the ground. For the ones on that list that are cool-season (cilantro, kale, and dill), I am hoping your soil temperatures aren't warm enough to impede germination. Swiss chard also is a cool-season crop, but at my house it grows equally well in the summer as long as it has moisture. With the kale, cilantro, and dill, every day counts so sow them and see what happens.

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I got everything planted between rains. The dill was in a Ziploc so it wasn't wet but the rest was soaked and some was sprouting already. We will see what happens. Some of was mixed so I made a surprise garden. The cilantro was a slow to bolt variety so hopefully I can get some to freeze.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

My cilantro is in full flower right now, but with the rain and some cooler temperatures I think you still will get some cilantro but you'll likely have to watch it like a hawk because it bolts quite quickly in summer. Mine was a slow-to-bolt variety as well, but we have hit the 90s a lot, including one 98-degree day and quite a lot of 95-96 degree days, so the bolting was inevitable. I still have dill seedling volunteers popping up here and there and they are growing so fast in this weather they are about to catch up with the ones I deliberately grew from seed sown a couple of months ago. I wish our cool season weather would stay consistently cooler a little longer so the cool-season herbs could produce longer in spring, but at least we get a second chance with them in the fall.

I like surprise gardens. Part of my back garden is a surprise garden. I mixed together a lot of leftover seeds and scattered them in an area there just to see what will sprout and grow. I like surprises and would rather have stuff popping up that I chose to seed there, because if I leave bare ground, Mother Nature will give us pigweed, crabgrass and other undesirable plants in it.

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