5-24: TorCon Index Raised to 9 for NC, 7 for SC

Okiedawn OK Zone 7May 24, 2011

I retured from running errands to discover Dr. Forbes had raised the TorCon Index for two locations in our state.

For North Central Oklahoma through South Central Kansas: TorCon raised from 8 to 9.

For comparison's sake, the only other '9's I personally remember (and there may be some I don't remember) were for Tuscaloosa last month, and for Yazoo, MS, last year. Both had major tornadoes.

For South Central Oklahoma: Torcon raised from 6 to 7. For comparison's sake, I believe Joplin had a 6 on Sunday.

For North East Oklahoma: raised from a 6 to a 7

For South East Oklahoma: assigned a 6

TorCon index numbes for other areas are available at the link below.

Now, a couple of other tidbits:

DS says the OU Sooner Facebook page is providing weather updates today. That's another great source for everyone.

DS just drove up from Dallas. On I-35 with him he saw quite a few storm chasers. There were some vehicles he suspected were chasers but couldn't be sure, and others he knew from their appearance absolutely were storm chasers. So, if y'all are near any major highways, keep your eyes peeled because we don't know where they will stop and spend the day. If you see them hanging around your area, that's a clue!

Please take today's severe weather threat as seriously as you possibly can. With large, strong, long-track tornadoes in the forecast, remember the safest place by far is in a below-ground tornado shelter or in a safe room. Above all else, don't wait until it is 'too late' to seek shelter.

Watch your local media, the NWS webpage, radar, etc. for updates. Expect storms to start firing up at mid-afternoon.

Be aware. Stay informed. Stay safe.

I am not trying to scare anybody. I just want everyone to be aware, prepared and safe. Tomorrow or late tonight when we have a 'storm check-in thread' set up on this forum, we want for each and every member of this forum to be able to check in and say "We're safe. We made it."

Later today, I'll link our back up radar. Remember too you can see radar at the NWS webpages and at the OK Mesonet webpage. Most of them have phone Apps for smart phones too.

The best radar is the one closest to you, I believe, but if that one gets knocked out of service, always have a back-up plan for the radar you'll consult.


Here is a link that might be useful: Updated TorCon Index Numbers Are Here

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