Noid Cattleya

helena_ca9(z9 Ca)November 30, 2011

Lost ID time ago. It has strong scent of carnations. Any ideas?

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What a beautiful lip. I wish we could identify it because I would like to have one.

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adam_in_the_uk(South UK)

Of course it is not possible to tell for sure but this might just be Blc. Chia Lin 'PCT'. It looks like your photo has been pushed a bit on the red side, because I've never seen a Catt that is quite that true red, though PCT is very close to a true red. The striations in the lip match quite well, given that they do vary a bit each year on the same plant, and the lower end of lip carries very similar ruffling and almost folds over itself - but it looks deeper red than PCT. There again it might be any one of the Chia Lin clones, or perhaps something else entirely!

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