Red Cosmos

gldno1June 10, 2010

Remember the tiny little red cosmos that was in a packet of reds for the garden seeds (a gift from someone with their order). Well it self seeded and here it is this year. It is now about 20 inches tall and loaded with buds.

The backside is as pretty as the front,

I think the shiny is because it was wet. I will check it today to see.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Could it be Red Crest? I searched cosmos after reading your post. I had so many tomato plants to get in the ground and then the family reunion and Mayo trip - I forgot to plant my summer annuals. I have some double click and white cosmos seeds that I purchased. The common pink ones I had last year have reseeded in my grass. I haven't mowed part of my yard and it is tall. Six to ten inch cosmos is surviving in thick Bermuda.

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Helen, I don't now. The package just called it red plants. One is an amaranth that also self seeded and this cosmos. I can't remember if there were others.

You sound as far behind as I am. I don't think I will every get caught up. I think I am slowing down............

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That's pretty Glenda! Looks like a very dark red. I did some searching too and didn't see any reds that looked like they had a different color on the reverse like yours.

I'm mostly impressed that it's blooming so early. My volunteers still don't even have buds. And the cosmos seeds I planted this year didn't germinate well at all. I only found one and I planted a bunch.
I might shamelessly ask for some seeds from yours later this summer, especially if the butterflies like them. : )

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teeandcee(Florida 9b)

Those are luscious, and I agree that the reverse is as pretty as the....front? The red part. :D Beautiful!

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I saw a coreopsis in a nursery today that looked like your plant. I almost bought it, but it was described as a not winter hardy perenniel.

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Well, I think this self-seeded. I found another small plant nearby so I know that one self-seeded. I will definitely be saving seeds. It is about 36 inches tall now and very full of deep red flowers. I am really liking it.

Notice it has the thread leaf. I don't think I have any of the Sensation variety left. I do have lots of the orange and yellow ones but none blooming so far.

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I love it~I have the wild yellow ones inter-planted with a blue dianthus and love them together. Another thing I like is that they come back and bloom most of the summer.

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