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oldokieMay 4, 2013

2 wks ago i lost 60 tomatoes and 12 squash plants to the frost survived the freeze lost to 37 degree frost the ground was white

now i have replanted and survived the latest weather and am dealing with cut worms lost 3 tomatoes and 2 peppers.

the life of a gardner

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I am sorry for your hard luck, but at least you have something in the ground. My tomatoes and peppers are sitting around my feet in the living room.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


I'm sorry to hear you're having such a rough spring.

We went to 33 degrees with frost the last 2 nights and I am so far south that Texas surrounds us on three plants were covered but it still seems ridiculous to have freezing temperatures this late.

The cutworms were horrible last year. I finally broke down and sprayed my entire garden with a organic product containing Bt 'kurstaki'. It was the first time I ever had sprayed the whole garden with Bt since moving here in 1999. As soon as I sprayed, the cutworm problem stopped. So far I haven't seen any in the garden since I planted, although I found and destroyed some while preparing the soil for planting. I understand the cutworms are pretty bad in some parts of OK this year.

Larry, Now, you be careful and don't forget your precious plants are there by your feet. We don't want for you to step on them and break them.

Do you have a possible planting date in your head yet or is it still raining/snowing/sleeting there?


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Dawn, today was the day for me to plant. The weather has been warmer than expected, but still unstable and rainy. It has been to cold to enjoy being outside, plus the rain has the soil to wet to work. I dont really have anything to complain about except unstable weather. The Plants in the floor are no big deal, Madge is very understanding, but her dog isn't. He thinks they are his private salad bar.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


At least your dog is eating a healthy diet.

I hope you have better weather today.


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The weather looks nice today, but we had a heavy frost last night. I will start taking the plants out after Church. I will start planting them when the look like they are handling the sun OK.


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